Make your fairy tale come to life on your wedding day

Make your fairy tale come to life on your wedding day by dancing on the clouds for your magical first dance. We fill your dance floor with a low lying cloud so it looks like you really are on cloud 9. The effect will not go above knee height, so there is no risk of you being obscured or it rising to set off fire alarms (common with cheaper fog systems).

Working alongside your photographer, we can achieve the most amazing pictures of one of the key points of your day. The whole effect will last approximately three minutes and the machines we use are Chauvet Nimbus and American DJ Entour Ice dry ice machines.

Caution: Many suppliers offer dancing on clouds with a low fog/low haze machine yet still call it dry ice or dry ice effect. These machines use a chemical smoke fluid solution and although you have a low cloud it is only just covering the floor by a few centimetres. As the smoke warms to room temperature it begins to rise, spreads around the room affecting photography and, crucially, risking triggering smoke alarms. Nobody wants an evacuation of their guests until the fire service arrives to reset systems on their special day!

Dry ice is carbon dioxide frozen to -78.6ºC that sublimates (meaning it goes straight from solid to gas form and bypasses liquid). Therefore, it doesn’t contain any unwanted chemicals, particulates or odours and leaves no residue.

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